Secrets to Muscle Building

Secrets to Muscle Building

Are you looking to build muscle and grow strong? Gaining muscle and building muscle isn’t an easy task. You have to go through a rigorous training regimen and strict diets. Here are a few tips that could help you get your dream physique –


A Man with a Plan 
The first and foremost step towards muscle building is having a master plan. You'll be like a ship at sea without a clear destination if you don't have a master plan. You need to make sure to set a goal to work hard every day. Take a step closer to your end goal every day.


Eat Big, Grow Big

For muscle building, calorie intake is an essential part. You need to manage a timely calorie surplus and deficit according to your fitness goals. Keeping calorie intake in check may sound easy, but many people still screw it up. Proteins, carbs, and healthy fats, along with macro & micro-nutrients are a must in your daily diet routine if you want to gain good quality muscle mass.


Compounds for Extra Muscle Pounds 
Compound exercises are the ones that target more than one muscle group at a time. A few examples of compound exercises could be squats, deadlifts, dips, lying pullovers, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Compound exercises usually combine weights and cables to increase muscle mass. Make sure to make these a part of your training arsenal.


Maintain, Don’t Overtrain
What most lifters or gym goers do is hit the gym, lift heavy weights for long reps, do multiple exercises, putting stress on overall body, and then complain about not seeing any progress or insignificant muscle gain. This is because of "overtraining". To stimulate muscle growth, you should maintain a proper regime with an effective switch between heavy-weight/low-reps and light-weight/higher-reps approaches for healthy muscle growth and endurance.

But most importantly, you need proper form and method during your exercises to target a specific muscle, promote better muscle gains, and avoid injuries.


When your goal is to build muscle, digestive enzymes are a must to help your body absorb the necessary nutrients from your daily diet. But sometimes, your body can’t process all the nutrients in your diet, which is why you need extra help. This is where sports supplements come to the rescue. Sports supplements like whey protein from good brands provide that extra help by including digestive enzymes for quick protein absorption.

There are a number of brands in India, and one of the brands which is making the rounds is ‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition. ‘Noble Whey Protein’ by Knockout with 24G Protein per serving for muscle building, strength, and endurance, 5 fruits extract for Weight Management and digestive enzymes to enhance overall metabolism and ease the digestion process for faster protein absorption. 


Sleep: Your muscle building partner 
You can’t compromise with sleep. You must try to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep to help your body recover from all the heavy lifting and intense workouts. Sleep is a great helper in muscle recovery of fatigued and damaged muscles, the nutrients that you consume throughout the day are also absorbed during sleep too, which helps in muscle growth, and energy for the next day to hit the gym is being processed. That’s why sleep is your partner in muscle building and growth.


Hydration done right
Drinking water plays a crucial role in the muscle building process. One of the biggest hurdles you face in your fitness journey is muscle damage and fatigue. Hydration helps speed up muscle recovery time and better pump by regulating blood flow to the muscles. A dehydrated body leads to muscle fatigue and muscle loss. So, it's important to keep your body hydrated for better muscle building and growth.


Cardio in Need, is a Cardio Indeed
Don’t skip the part of cardio in your training regimes. Most people hit the gym, stretch their bodies, and start lifting heavy weights to build their muscles. It is important to workout with heavy weights, but cardio is a major supporter in cutting extra fat from your muscles, burning the extra calories, and sticking with healthy muscle mass.


Take your Time
Bodybuilding is not a one-night process. It takes time to get that dream physique, but you need to stay focused and disciplined in order to grab your trophy in the form of a great physique. Don’t quit at every small inconvenience, to be a champion, you need to act like one.


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