Sleep: Your Partner in Enhancing Performance

Sleep: Your Partner in Enhancing Performance

The significance of sleep is not a new concept. In fact, its importance has actually been discussed for a long period of time. As we move forward with our daily training and workouts, we tend to improve bit-by-bit, and we can train more frequently and intensely.

So, what is sleep's role in all this? In addition to being crucial for sustaining general physical and mental health, sleep is also important for athletic performance. Let’s look at why getting proper sleep is essential to feeling refreshed and performing at one’s best.

Sleep supporting muscle recovery
The body performs a number of vital recovery processes when we sleep. As the saying goes, "The brain never sleeps." Even though we are unconscious when we sleep, the body and brain keep undergoing processes to help the body recover from the previous day. When we sleep, we release more growth hormone than we do at any other time. Growth hormone is essential for muscle repair and growth.

Lack of sleep: Enemy to your muscle growth
Sleep is an important process, and without it, we can’t function at our best. Sleep deprivation can backfire on you, as it leads to a delay in muscle growth, especially if you do high-intensity workouts such as lifting weights. Not getting enough sleep hinders protein synthesis in your body, which leads to a delay in muscle recovery and muscle growth.
Lack of sleep also leads to decreased accuracy, quicker exhaustion, inaccurate decision-making, decreased reaction time, etc. This leads to hindering a person’s ability to perform at his/her best.

Sleep supporting your mental health
Sleep helps everyone with memory consolidation and retention. As we move forward with our training and workouts, we learn new skills. Sleep helps in forming memories, which helps us in the acquisition of these new skills, which leads to enhanced performance in the future. 
Sleep deprivation may impair cognitive functions such as decision-making and adapting to new situations, which are essential in everyday life as well as for athletes in a variety of sports.

Optimal Sleep Schedule
Sleep is crucial for recovering from workouts. The National Sleep Foundation advises healthy adults to get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. However, athletes and professional bodybuilders might require a few additional hours of sleep to boost muscle recovery. This doesn’t mean more sleep leads to more muscle recovery. One needs to moderate the amount of sleep every night according to the needs of their body.

"Even though I sleep well, keep a proper diet, and workout properly, I am still not seeing proper muscle growth and recovery." Sleep is not always enough for your muscles to recover from the intense workouts and training. This is where sports supplements come to the rescue. They help to boost muscle growth and recover from muscle damage induced by intense workouts or injuries.

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Muscle growth and recovery are important for both athletes and bodybuilders, and sleep alone is not enough for this. That is why, sports supplements like whey protein and EAAs support muscle growth and recovery and even more.

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