Muscle Soreness after a workout

Muscle Soreness after a workout

Muscle soreness is one of the most common problems that you face after a workout. It’s like, yesterday you went full beast mode on your workout in the gym, but you could barely stand out of bed the next morning. You might think of giving up on the regimen you’ve created but don’t do it. Here are a few tips on how you could reduce muscle soreness to hit the gym next day and how it could even be beneficial for you –


Why are my muscles sore?
Workout or exercising along with proper nutrition is the core to a healthy lifestyle. When you work out, lift weights, and much more, it puts stress on your muscles. This leads to soreness in your muscles. When you workout after a long time or boost the intensity of your workouts, it may lead to use of new muscle fiber, strain existing one or could lead to minor muscle fiber rips. This is usually a good sign, as your muscles are trying to adapt to your new intensity workout and build stronger muscle.


Is muscle soreness a good sign?
Well, waking up to sore muscles the next day after a workout is considered a good sign by many, as it indicates that you’ve had a great workout and that your body is responding to your training regimen.

The muscle soreness that you feel the next day after a workout is known as “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” or DOMS which is completely normal. This is usually an indication that your muscles will get bigger and stronger as they recover to help you reach the next step in your fitness journey.


How long am I going to face muscle soreness?
DOMS usually begins after you’ve had a sleep or after 12-24 hours and continues for about 24-72 hours. Although in a few days, the stiffness or soreness is usually gone. However, muscle soreness is not always beneficial. DOMS sometimes lead to loss of muscle function for several days along with a bruise which might be an indication of muscle damage. It’s important to consult a specialist immediately to avoid serious injury.


What to do when you have muscle soreness?
Sore muscles might be relieved by these few techniques-

  • Light Cardio and Warmups
    Warming up your body before a workout helps you with relief in muscle stiffness. Going for a gentle walk or jogging or cycling before your workout helps you get your body warmed up and increase blood flow.
  • Bodyweight exercises
    Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, etc. are a great way to stretch your fatigued body and increase blood flow for increased muscle performance in your workouts.
  • Hydration
    Proper hydration is important to flush the damaged muscle tissues out of your body. As a recommendation, you may drink water after every 15 to 20 mins of your workout sessions.
  • Cool down properly
    A proper cool down after a workout is very important to help blood to circulate which helps in muscle recovery. Stretching after a workout is a great way to cool down your body.

How to prevent muscle soreness?
Muscle soreness is an unavoidable outcome of straining your muscles. However, you can relieve muscle soreness faster by boosting your recovery with the help of consuming sports supplements like whey protein and BCAAs after a workout.


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