India ka Imported Brand

India ka Imported Brand

Fitness is not a luxury, it’s a basic necessity for all living beings. As the saying goes, the world is based on the theory, “Survival of the Fittest”. This is why its said that fitness is not a luxury but a basic human need. Fitness is not just about exercising or lifting heavy weights, it is also about proper nutrition and diet to support your immunity as well as keeping your body processes like blood flow intact, providing energy for your workouts, building muscle, etc. However, we are not always able to fulfil our daily nutrition needs. That’s why people use nutrition or nutraceutical supplements like whey protein, gainers, creatine, etc.


The Growth in Nutraceutical Industry
India represents about 2% of the global nutraceutical market and is expected to grow up to $18 billion by the end of 2025. There has been a rapid growth of nutraceutical awareness and its benefits in India over the past few years, especially since COVID hit. This is because people understand that fitness is not a luxury but more of a necessity to survive.


Atmanirbhar India
But as the matter of the fact remains, many people still believe to overate a product if it’s manufactured in a country like US over a product manufactured in their own. There are a lot of supplement brands in the Indian market right now, but the one that stands out because of its impeccable quality, and its ability to compete at the global platform is ABSOLUTE NUTRITION. Absolute Nutrition has been the best in its class and supporting the Indian fitness industry since 2013 and has been given the tag of ‘India ka Imported Brand’. ‘India ka imported brand’ is not just a phrase, but a feeling for many as its time to get “Atmanirbhar”.


So why ‘India ka Imported Brand’
Nutrition Supplements like whey protein, consist of two main categories- whey protein concentrate with about 80% protein content and whey protein isolate with about 90% protein content. Unfortunately, India is not able to produce this much with the dairy available, so we are dependent on countries like US for the same.

Absolute Nutrition was given the tag of ‘India ka Imported Brand’ because Absolute Nutrition imports the aforementioned quality whey protein concentrate/isolate, and manufactures the best quality nutrition supplements in its own ‘state of the art’ complete automatic plant with minimal human interference as with many imported brands, however the pricing differs. The same product quality that these imported brands offer for say Rs 2000, the same is being offered by absolute at about Rs 1000.


Why Choose Absolute over other brands?
Absolute Nutrition believes in culture of modernism without loosing its traditional roots. Absolute has been the backbone for the Indian fitness industry and supporting it for the past 9 years, has served over 4 million customers and still going strong. Absolute Nutrition offers a wide range of products with unbelievable pricing, impeccable quality and the best quality of nutrition supplements. And now, a new series known as ‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition is carrying the flag of ‘India ka Imported Brand’ by providing top quality flagship nutrition supplements like proteins, gainers, creatine, pre workout, BCAAs, EAAs etc., at low prices and offering huge discounts for the competitive Indian market.

Best Quality Nutrition Supplements
Check out the latest range of nutrition supplements by ‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition popularly known as ‘India ka Imported Brand’.

  • Noble’ Whey Protein with 24G Protein per serving for muscle building, strength, and endurance, 5 fruits extract for Weight Management and ‘Digezyme’ to enhance overall metabolism and ease the digestion process for faster protein absorption. 


  • Isozime’ Whey Isolate with 27G Protein per serving for muscle building, strength, and endurance Black pepper extract for Weight Management, spinach extract which will help reduce extra weight messing up your overall hard work, ‘Digezyme’ to enhance overall metabolism and ease the digestion process for faster protein absorption.


  • Elephant’ Mass Gainer with Creatine Monohydrate, HMB, and 25 Vitamins and Minerals, 60G Complex Carbs & 20G Protein per serving, helps to gain weight and build muscles.  ‘Alpha Amylase’ to improvise the metabolism and enhance your overall digestion process to ensure healthy gains.


  • Creatine Monohydrate by Knockout ‘Absolute Nutrition’ is the rawest 100% micronized formula with 3000MG Creatine that supports muscle recovery, energetic workout and speeds muscle growth with the help of adenosine triphosphate.


  • ‘Vampire’ Pre-Workout by Knockout ‘Absolute Nutrition’ with 300MG Caffeine for focused and immortal workouts, 6000MG Beta Alanine enhances endurance and performance 2000MG L Arginine for Muscle Relaxation.


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