Javed Ali khan

Javed Ali khan

Javed Ali Khan is a veteran World Champion from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He has been an important pillar for the league of Indian national bodybuilding champions for a long time. 

Born on November 07th, 1975, Javed Ali khan has shown that reverse aging is a real thing and age is just a number when you know just one way i.e., forward. 

He has bagged 14 gold medals just for the Indian Railways and also snatched his way to the World Championships in 2021 and got a silver medal in the 100kg+ Category. 

Absolute sees the struggles, the sweat and the potential that he has contributed towards the sport of bodybuilding. This drive to reach to the top and our motto i.e., to support grass root fitness helped this partnership get started and flourish over the months.

Bodybuilding is one of the most challenging sports and the precise amount of time that is spent on aspects such as nutrition, recovery and supplements is where Absolute comes into the picture and is more than grateful to have Javed Ali Khan in this family.

Mr Khan won the most prestigious accolade i.e. a silver medal at World Championships (WBPF) in the 100kg+ category in 2021. 

His prodigious personality with massive muscles is what stands out and shows the hard work that he has earned through time and this hard work is what makes him a true Absolutionist.