Your Ultimate Whey Protein Guide For Beginners

Abhishek Somwani

If any person could do a basic Google search to find out the best protein supplement in the market then the answer would simply be whey protein. Indeed, there are a number of brands which are selling whey protein in the Indian sports supplement industry but the real question is ‘Are they providing the best product’? Let us focus on some key issues that are faced by the current gen. bodybuilders and how can we assess the protein supplement in the Indian market.

Quality Matters
If you would visit any supplement store in India, you will find out that there are hundreds of glossy and fancy packets and jars of sports supplements that you might not have heard of. If you will look closely all of these no branched brands promote their protein content proudly on their packaging. However, all of these random brands are quite competitive when it comes to the pricing as they are quite pocket friendly and market their brand as the most superior product in the market. Well, the reality is that these so called brands compromise significantly on their quality and give anything but sure whey protein to their customers.

‘The Harsh Reality’
The other side of the coin speaks the harsh reality of these dupers that are cheating the Indian sports supplement consumers. Only pro athletes, who are into competitive bodybuilding, understand that whey protein is processed from cow’s milk and it takes a hefty investment to establish a protein processing plant. These small time fake brands only play with the emotions of people who want to save money on their supplements and buy a good product in lesser amount. However, there are only a few brands which are providing good quality products in the Indian sports supplement market.

 Right Key to Choose
The first rule to choose a genuine product is to see if that product has unbelievable low prices. This can be considered as a red flag because genuine whey protein does not comes cheap. Check if you can verify your brand with a specific barcode because there are a lot of brands which have their unique authentication methods. Sometimes, you might find genuine products on unbelievable discounts and that is when you need to check the manufacturing date on that product. Whey protein also has a shelf life and if that product has come in contact with any sorts of moisture then that is probably the reason you are getting a hefty discount on that product.

Buy Genuine, Go Absolute
The above mentioned things are very important to look out for when searching for the best protein powder. There are a number of brands in India and one of the brand which is making the rounds is ‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition. Popularly Known as ‘India ka Imported Brand’ its new brand by the name of Knockout is giving hardcore discounts and selling Whey protein powders starting from Rs. 1319/-.

 Isozime by Knockout ‘Absolute Nutrition’ with 27G Protein per serving for muscle building, strength, and endurance. Black pepper extract for Weight Management, spinach extract which will help reduce extra weight messing up your overall hard work, ‘Digezyme’ to enhance overall metabolism and ease the digestion process for faster protein absorption.

'Knockout' by Absolute Nutrition is trusted by the likes of Anuj Kumar Taliyan and Nehal Chudasama and is gaining rapid popularity in the sports nutrition industry. 

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