Weight Gainer v/s Mass Gainer: Which is Best for You?

Weight Gainer v/s Mass Gainer: Which is Best for You?

There are different kinds of nutrition supplements in the market. Each with a different purpose, ingredients and features. So, it’s easy to get confused into this vast sea of supplements. Well, but don’t worry here’s a lighthouse to guide you through one of those confusions. Let’s answer, one of the most asked questions – What is the difference between a weight gainer and a mass gainer?


What’s your body type?
The first step is knowing your body type. Everyone has different type of body, but broadly there are 3 types of body types and to select the right gainer for you, you must be aware of the right body type for you –

  1. Endomorph – These are usually the people with wider build and bodies. They usually look more muscle but its usually more fat and in majority cases, the fat is usually stored in lower body. These people usually have slower metabolism. People with this body type are recommended to take more protein then carbs.
  1. Mesomorph – These are usually the people that are naturally athletic and with well-defined muscles. This body type falls between endomorph and ectomorph. Losing fat or gaining muscle is usually easier for this body type. A combination of moderately consumed proteins and fats along with complex carbs is usually recommended to maintain good health in general.
  1. Ectomorph – These are the people with fast metabolism and find it really difficult to gain muscle and fat. This body type usually can deal with a lot of fats and carbs. But this doesn’t mean that you should consume all the junk. Its still necessary to have a proper diet for a healthy lifestyle.

You could also be a combination of one or more of the body types mentioned above. In that case, dietary restrictions or plans will vary.


What are the types of gainers?
The next thing to know is gainers are of two types-

  • Mass Gainer – Mass gainers are rich in calories, proteins, carbs and healthy fats. Mass gainers aim to increase muscle mass by providing complex carbs, protein and fats along with vitamins and minerals. Generally, mass gainers have a combination of carbs and protein in the ratio of 3:1 and 2:1 and low in fat content.


  • Weight Gainers – Weight gainers aim to increase bodyweight through high-calorie consumption. Weight gainer contains high amounts of carbs and proteins. Weight gainers help to increase both muscle and fat. The number of calories per serving is higher as compared to mass gainers.


Which is the right choice for me?
Well, gainers are usually beneficial for the people with ectomorph and mesomorph body types. This is because of the fast metabolism rate, so gaining weight and muscle is a challenge for them. So, as per the differences –

  • Weight gainers are more suitable for ectomorphs, who are looking to gain weight and can’t due to fast metabolism. It is also suitable for hard gainers who are looking to gain weight and not specifically trying to grow muscle mass.
  • Mass gainers is suitable for mesomorphs as well as ectomorphs, who are having difficulty to grow muscle and looking to building a muscular body rather than a fatty one. Mass gainer help in cleaner muscle gain as compared to weight gainers.


Key Differences


Mass Gainer

Weight Gainer 


Gain Muscle

Gain Weight

Suitable For

Mesomorphs, Ectomorphs and Bodybuilders.

Ectomorphs and Hard gainers

Protein Quantity

High in protein quantity per serving

Low to nil protein quantity per serving


Fiber content is high to support digestion of fats and carbs

Low to no fibers to support digestion





The calorie content is less as compared to weight gainer

700 to 1200 kcal per serving


Buy Genuine, Be Absolute
All the aforementioned parameters are to be kept in mind before purchasing the right gainer for you. If you’re looking to gain muscle mass and looking for the right mass gainer for you, then what better than a brand that’s manufactured in India itself, and source it’s raw material at a global platform. ‘Knockout’ from the house of Absolute Nutrition popularly known as ‘India ka Imported Brand’ with a legacy of 9 years.

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