The Ultimate Summer Fitness Guide

The Ultimate Summer Fitness Guide

As the days get longer, the winter layers start coming off. With summer comes along a wave of fun activities to do outside. So here is a to-do list to get that summer body and flex it to your friends and more.


The Cutting Season is Here
Are you ready to cut that extra fat you got during winters? If you’re not, then get ready with these tips to KNOCKOUT the fat out of your body and welcome in the ripped muscular body.

We will go over the top suggestions to advance your summer fitness regimen - from staying hydrated to picking the appropriate attire and equipment! 


Yes, Sweat > No, Sweet

Get ready to sweat your body in the raging summer heat with Knockout by following these few tips - 

  • Early Workouts
    During summers, it might sound like a good idea to workout outside in the sun, sweating the fat away. But you should avoid working outside during the peak hours like 10am to 4pm as the heat is extremely high during these hours. 
  • Rather as the day gets longer and sun rises earlier, you should try to schedule your workouts earlier in order to avoid severe dehydration or heat exhaustion. Also, working out early in the morning helps you feel fresh all day long.

  • Hydration - Your summer partner
  • You need to stay hydrated! This can be considered the most important factor in the summer body journey. As the days get warmer, you need plenty of fluids to keep you going through the day.

    Water and other fluids not only help you regain energy for your workouts and other daily activities, it also helps in maintaining your body temperature and avoiding dehydration.

    As a general suggestion, you should try having at least 2-3L of water everyday. This can vary depending on your level of workouts. Also, try having plenty of water during your workouts and don’t wait to be thirsty to drink water, rather be proactive with it and drink water in a timely manner.

    For more detailed information about benefits of hydration, check out: REASONS TO STAY HYDRATED FOR MUSCLE GROWTH

  • Appropriate Workout Gear
    The hoodie season is gone so it's time to flex those biceps. A proper workout attire is a must in the gym during summers. Choosing an appropriate attire with breathable material and a cool gym bag is never a wrong choice to get all your Knockout Supplements. This could help you to workout longer and be more comfortable while doing it.
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  • Know your Limits
  • As much as getting a ripped body is important, the way to getting a ripped body is not reckless training. You need proper rest between your training to give your muscles time to recover and grow. Along with this, proper nutrition is a necessity to getting a ripped body.

    Knockout Every Workout
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