Does Protein Powder help you with Weight Loss

Does Protein Powder help you with Weight Loss

You must have heard; protein is important for losing weight or that protein powder helps you with weight loss. So, is this a fact or a myth? Well, let’s see if this statement is true or not –


Does protein powder help you lose weight?
The answer to this question is that it's 100% true, but you can’t just sit on a couch sipping a protein shake and lose weight on your own. Weight loss is a result of proper diet and training. Whey protein or any other relevant nutrition supplement helps you increase the effectiveness of your efforts in the kitchen and the gym.

How does protein powder help you lose weight? 
As mentioned earlier, protein powder alone can’t help you lose weight. You need to mix it up with a proper training regimen to get the best results. But as the matter of fact remains, protein powder does help you with your weight loss journey. Here’s how –


  • Say goodbye to snacking all the time
    It is well known that the consumption of protein powder in the form of protein shake or any protein recipe helps you keep your stomach full for longer periods of time. This helps you keep your hands and mouth off of snacking throughout the day, so lesser calories are consumed.


  • Lean Muscle Growth
    Protein is the building block for muscle growth. Protein powders or shakes mixed with a good training regimen help you build lean muscle mass by burning calories and fat and gaining muscle mass.


  • Increased Metabolism 
    Protein powders help you increase your metabolism. Good quality brands offer digestive enzymes in their protein powders to help ease the digestion process and quick absorption for the best results.


Don’t skip your meals
This is an important point because what a lot of people do is, they start to fill up with protein supplements instead of proper diet, which is wrong. What you need is a balance between protein supplements and a nutritious diet. When trying to lose weight, nutritious whole foods are usually the best way to meet all of your nutrition goals, not just protein goals.As a recommendation, you may consume about 30–40% of your total protein intake from protein powders.

Contrary to many myths, protein powders are not unhealthy. Protein powders are a great natural source to help you fulfil your daily protein goals. But, keep in mind that not to make this your whole meal. Put more effort into proper meal planning and add protein powder as a part of that meal.


Choose what’s best for you
Hopefully, the above-mentioned information has made the role of protein powders in weight loss clear. Well, the next step is to choose the right protein brand for you. So, what could be better than a brand that manufactures premium quality supplements locally and is made from the best raw materials available on the global platform.

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