Different Types of Protein Powders and Which is Best For You

Different Types of Protein Powders and Which is Best For You

To understand about this complex form of processed protein, you need to understand the different types of protein powders. How these protein powders are different from one another? And, how different brands are coping with fake products, duping innocent people and are flooding the market with fake powders. 

Everybody needs protein for survival, however, if chemically speaking; protein is mainly composed of amino acids which are organic compounds. They are the pillars on which protein sustains itself and transforms mass into muscle.

In simple words, protein is one of the most important macronutrient that helps you in creating those big and bulky muscles. Commonly found in animals, protein is also known to be present in other sources such as cow milk and nuts.

Soy Protein Powder

As discussed above, protein is derived from different sources of plants and animal products. Soy protein powder is obtained from leguminous plant soybean and is the only plat based protein that contains all the essential amino acids. In layman words, soy protein powder can be considered the powder that was meant to serve the vegans and the people who are lactose intolerant. Though, it has all the essential amino acids but still it’s not as impactful as whey protein.

Brothers from another Mother

I believe that I have succeeded in explaining the basic difference between whey protein and casein and how both of these milk based proteins have different effects on your body. It all depends upon the timing and the purpose of the consumption. In simple words, whey is apt to consume before or after workout because it gets digested easily and gets evenly distributed where it’s needed in the body. Casein on the other hand is a slow digesting protein which gives best results when consumed before sleep and is very helpful in recovering from injuries and also enhancing muscle growth.

Understanding PDCAAS

Proteins contain a number of amino acids and PDCAAS (protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score) helps in evaluating a food’s protein quality and its nutrient content by measuring its amino acid composition.   

As mentioned above, PDCAAS is not just about evaluating the amino acid composition but part of it also refers to calculating the digestibility value of a protein based food. If we talk about whey, casein and soy then their PDCAAS scores are almost identical which comes out to be 1.0. This is the maximum distinction that can be achieved via a PDCAAS assessment but as the industry is evolving, we are trying to find out more comprehensive and accurate ways of evaluating high quality proteins.

Choose India ka Imported Brand, Go Absolute

The dupers or the cheaters are the people who can sell any product at any cost i.e. these are not actually genuine products but just some sweetener added powder which is nowhere close to the real deal. These people have no ethical value but are here to just lure people with unbelievable prices.

Another issue that has been severely affecting the health supplement industry is the entry of fakes which can be purchased for less than 50% of the price of an original protein powder. These products which are being sold in the markets are all international brands as these cannot be verified easily and cannot be returned to the source.

There are a number of brands in India and one of the brand which is making the rounds is ‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition. Popularly Known as ‘India ka Imported Brand’ its new brand by the name of Knockout is giving hardcore discounts and selling Whey protein powders starting from Rs. 1319/- and their products can be verified easily as they come with a unique code that can be verified by their app.

Noble Whey Protein’ with 24G Protein per serving for muscle building, strength, and endurance, 5 fruits extract for Weight Management and ‘Digezyme’ to enhance overall metabolism and ease the digestion process for faster protein absorption. 

‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition is trusted by the likes of Mr. World ‘Anuj Kumar Taliyan’ and Ms. Universe ‘Nehal Chudasama’  and is gaining rapid popularity in the sports nutrition industry.

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