Creatine with Protein Powder: A Good Choice?

Creatine with Protein Powder: A Good Choice?

If you’re a regular gym-goer and work hard every day to get your dream physique, then you must have heard about creatine and protein powder. You might be planning to take creatine alongside your protein shakes and wondering if it’s a good decision. Well, let’s find out if it’s a good idea or just a myth that needs to be busted.


What is Creatine?
Creatine monohydrate is a bodybuilding supplement that helps you increase your body's creatine content which is a naturally stored compound in our body. It is said to increase the creatine stored in the skeletal muscles by up to 40%. Proper creatine supplementation along with a rigorous training regimen helps increase muscle mass and strength.

creatine monohydrate by knockout by absolute nutrition

Sources of Creatine
There are many foods that contain creatine naturally. The top of the list goes to ‘Herring Fillet’ which has about 1.1g of creatine in 100g serving. Next comes the ‘Red meat’ along with other essential nutrients that help build muscles it also contains up to 0.9g of creatine per 100g serving. ‘Tuna’ is also a good source of creatine with 0.4g of creatine per 100g serving, tuna is also said to reduce the rates of cardiovascular diseases and said to reduce cholesterol levels.

Can I take Creatine and Protein together?
This is the main question on your mind since you started reading this from the first word. Right? Well, to answer your question, there is no denying that whey protein and creatine are a great combo. This combo can help you with your fitness journey and a lot of studies over time have shown that it is safe as well.


Exceptional muscle growth
Both whey protein and creatine are great promoters of muscle mass when mixed with a proper workout regimen. Creatine is said to increase the capacity of your high-intensity workouts. Whereas, protein powders help your body get high-quality protein with quick digestion which results in enhanced protein synthesis.

While both promote muscle gains, the methods differ.


Taking both together
Well, there’s no evidence that suggests that taking creatine and protein together causes any negative effects. Both tend to complement each other. But taking both together comes down to what your goals are.

If you just want to be in shape and have good muscles then protein powder is a good choice for you along with working out. However, if your goal is to maximize your muscle size, body strength and gains, as a recommendation you can consider taking both together. Nonetheless, both supplements help you build muscle in different ways.


Spice it up with BCAAs
“With great powers comes great responsibility”. This is true for your supplementation too. When you take protein and creatine, you can’t just sit around. You need to work out in the gym and get your muscles through rigorous training. When you do so, your muscles tend to fatigue and sometimes get strained and need to recover. BCAAs help you to reduce fatigue along with helping in muscle recovery and boosting your muscle growth.

BCAA is a good supplement to add to your arsenal. A combination of BCAA with creatine and protein powder to help you with speedy muscle growth and recovery. This combo will help you get that Greek God physique that you dream of.


Stack your Supplements!
You must have got it by now that you can use multiple supplements together to help you through your fitness journey. This is called “Stacking your Supplements”. But this sounds like a hassle, doesn’t it? Well, if you are looking for good supplement stacks which can help you with your different goals and find the right combination for that. Then ‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition is here for you.

‘Knockout’ by Absolute Nutrition popularly known as ‘India ka Imported Brand’ is a series of sports supplements manufactured in India itself and sourced its raw materials at a global platform. Knockout has a collection of supplement stacks combo to help you with your fitness goals.

Come Back Stronger Stack’ combo includes ‘Noble’ Whey protein with 24g protein per serving along with ‘Creatine’ to give you energized workouts with speedy muscle growth and ‘Drift’ BCAA to help your muscles recover from those high-intensity workouts and reduce your muscle fatigue.