Bulking Season is here!

Bulking Season is here!

When the temperature drops, the relation between you and your blanket gets stronger and the urge to not get out of bed increases. But for a person who is a little more obsessed with fitness, only one thing comes to his mind, that is “Bulking season is here!”. As a gym goer, you also must have heard “winter is for bulking and summer is for getting ripped”.

Well, scientifically there is no proof to this statement, but there is still logic behind this. Let’s see how –


What is bulking season?
Bulking season is basically, going on a caloric surplus for a specific period of time like for a few months to gain muscle, strength, weight and better weight lifting. Winter is considered the season for bulking because in winters, there are fewer physical activities so fewer calories are burnt. Also, as the summer days and impromptu pool party plans become less, so there is no need to have carved up sick lines and abs all the time.


Why Winter?
As we all know that the nights are longer and the days are short in winter season, so it gives your muscles more time to recover from workouts. Also, some studies have shown that testosterone level naturally decreases during winter, making it easier to add fat and muscle to your body. So, it’s considered a good time to gain mass, muscle and strength. Also, in winters you are already covered up in layers of clothing, so your bulky muscles or fat is not visible as much which makes it a cherry on top to bulk during winters.


Choose the right bulk
To put this into perspective, bulking are of two types –

  • Clean Bulk – In this, the calorie surplus is controlled. Calorie intake is usually increased up to 200-400 calories per day and the nutrition is chosen with care as you don’t tend to get fat, but rather more of a lean gain and less fat gain.
  • Dirty Bulk – This is more of an easier bulk process. In this, you go on caloric surplus without keeping in mind proper nutrient intake or healthy foods. You eat whatever you want and whenever you want.

As a recommendation, I would suggest to go for a clean bulk because with you would be left with unwanted fat and it will be tough lose this fat during your “summer cut”.

Change your workout regimen
Along with caloric surplus and nutrition, you may also make changes in your training regimen in order to make the best out of the bulk. You may try to include more compound exercises like squat, deadlifts, bench press and pull ups in your workouts. Add more volume, and make the full use of your bulking strength and work towards increasing muscle mass.


Right Nutrition
Make sure you are taking the right nutritional support with the change in your workout. This doesn’t mean you need to double up your protein intake or anything. What you can do is, try increasing your protein intake with good quality whey protein supplement, for better muscle mass and build. Make sure to include vitamins and minerals in your diet for a steady bulk.

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Bulk whenever you see fit
Always remember its not a rule or a scientific proven fact to bulk in winter and cut in summer. It all depends on your own mindset. You can bulk in summer if you want and cut in winter. People usually choose to cut in summer because your body is not all covered up as in winter, so you get more chance to show the progress you have made and your ripped physique.

If you’re looking to bulk and are unable to do it with your diet only, you can try out sports supplements like mass gainer to help you with your bulking journey.


India ka Imported brand
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