4 Best Exercises for Bigger Biceps

4 Best Exercises for Bigger Biceps

When you start hitting the gym, more often than not, the first muscle that you want to work on is bigger arms. This is because it is the most visible muscle of all when you go out. Arms can be divided broadly into 3 muscle groups - Biceps, Triceps and Forearms. For a bigger arm size, you need to work all three of them. Let’s check out the best exercises to get you those Arnold Biceps.

Barbell Curls
The first exercise is barbell bicep curls, which lets your biceps be overloaded by heavy weight. The key to this exercise, as it is in all the exercises, is not to lose the form. Don’t lean back in order to pull the weight up. Keep your shoulder and back straight and curl the barbell to have all the stress on your bicep. 

Most beginners are not able to lift heavy dumbbells in the beginning. So, if your goal is to increase muscle size, then progressive overload is the key to this. Barbell curls allow you to handle more weight than dumbbells.

Hammer Curls
The next in line is hammer dumbbell curls. Hammer curls are generally the best exercise if you are looking to grow the size of your biceps. This is because hammer curls directly target the bicep brachii, i.e. the long head of the bicep. So, adding hammer curls to your bicep regimen can be considered a good choice in order to help them grow.

Reverse Barbell Curls
Reverse barbell curl is a good exercise for your biceps as well as forearms. This exercise is a good choice to train your arms. Also, it gives a great pump along with targeting multiple muscle groups. So, considering all the factors, it can be a good choice for your arm training regimen to build massive arms.

Concentration Curls
The final exercise to consider for your bicep day is concentration curls. This exercise helps push your bicep growth. As this exercise is done while sitting, its momentum shift is mostly minimum, so it places all the emphasis on the bicep muscle. Also, there are no helper muscles in play if done right, which makes it a viable exercise to exhaust your muscles and finish your workout.

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