Ultimate Gains Bundle

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Goal -  Maximise Mass Gains, Increased Focus, Muscle Strength, Improved Performance

The Ultimate Gains Bundle by Knockout powered by Absolute Nutrition offers an ‘Elephant’ Mass Gainer that gives you 20g of highly effective protein per 100g serving for extraordinary muscle development. The ultra-premium mass gainer is powered with 2000mg HMB and 3000mg Creatine which are equally important to grow big and stronger muscles and help you endure those animal gains. It comes packed with ‘Vampire’ Preworkout with 300MG Caffeine for focused and immortal workouts, and 6000MG Beta Alanine enhances endurance and performance. In addition, you get a Shaker, Gym bag, and T-shirt to kick-start your fitness journey.

‘Elephant’ Mass Gainer

💪20g Protein per serving 65 gm complex carbs for mass gaining.

💪Creatine Monohydrate for muscle bulk building.

💪Added Whey Protein for quality muscle growth.

💪25 Vitamins and Minerals, Sugar-Free, Banned Substances Free, and Gluten Free.

💪What it does - It is a premium mass-gaining formula for gaining weight and muscle size too.

💪When to use - Post Workout

'Vampire Pre-workout' by Knockout

💪L-Citrulline (Pure) 2500mg and L-Citrulline (DL-malate) 2500mg for increased production of Nitric Oxide, L-Arginine 2000mg helps blood vessels relax and also improve circulation.

💪Alpinia galanga improves focus and increases alertness during workouts.

💪6000mg Beta-alanine enhances performances by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle fatigue, Caffeine 300mg for focussed and prolonged workouts, Sugar-Free, Banned Substances Free, Gluten Free.

💪What it does - It lets you experience explosive power during your workouts by boosting energy, endurance, intensity, and longevity.

💪When to use - Pre-workout


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