The Key to Choose the Right Mass Gainer

The Key to Choose the Right Mass Gainer

Mass gainer is a supplement with the blend of carbs, protein and fats with the intention of helping to add muscle mass and there are a ton of mass gainers available in the market and a lot of them can really help you in gaining a few pounds that you have always dreamt of. However, have you really dreamt of a six pack? A body that is built with muscles and not just a lump of fat loathing down your belly?

Eat More
Yes, it may sound a very layman advice to you but you need to get back to the basics and first try to understand the basics of weight gain. Firstly, understand that whatever we eat gets converted into calories which we need to function in our daily lives. You need to understand that for gaining weight, you need to eat more calories than our body requires for functioning. In simple words, you need to increase your diet in a healthy way and start eating more to transform those foods into mass. For example, an adult male which is 5 Ft. and 10 inches long and is 26 years of age requires 2500 calories to function in a day, you just need to add a few hundred calories slowly to build your metabolism.

Calorie Intake Goals
Well, it’s very simple, if you are unable to complete your calorie goals and there is a big gap between your calorie count and the amount that you are taking then definitely you should keep using a weight gainer. Similarly, if you are unable to fulfil the protein requirement of your body then you should move ahead with a protein shake.

Daily Calorie Intake


Following a Right Diet
Let us get back to the basics; generally people follow a three day meal followed by a glass of milk. If you want to see a transformation and want to be serious about the weight gain progress then you need to drive the extra mile and add two more meals to your routine. You need to understand that you organs are not used to the extra food that you will try to put in your body, so don’t just add everything in a day, keep it slow and steady. You will need to increase your protein intake, start drinking homemade smoothies, eggs, peanut butter and fat rich foods. The easiest way is to eat something after a two hour interval, this way it will be easier for your body to get used to the extra food that you are consuming.

Balanced Diet


Change Your Routine
Changing your routine can really be a challenge but when you are opting for drastic changes like adding two more meals to your food chart then you also need to increase your activity level to burn those extra calories. You don’t need all that extra calories to transform into gullible mass which looks awfully bad and is super unhealthy to be a part of your body just for the sake of adding weight. Everyone should follow a healthy approach towards weight gain or weight loss, just adding more calories to your routine will definitely add mass to your body weight but that mass will eventually turn into fat if you won’t increase your activity levels. Nobody is asking you to give two hours in the gym and sweat like a horse, but it’s all about changing your approach towards activity. Just start taking more stairs, walk more, pick a sport that you like, go for hiking or treks, anything that you ever liked or wanted to do that includes a physical approach is more than welcome.



The Best Mass Gainer in the Market is Locally Made
There are people who are not avid fitness enthusiasts and just wish to put on some pounds to boost their morale, fit in some clothes or just wish to look good. Being skinny can really knock out your self-esteem and who doesn’t want a perfect body or a healthy life? What most people ignore is that now there are products which can help them in fastening their weight gain process by providing the right amount of nutrients and calories. You just need to find out the perfect brand which you can rely on and you are all good to go. What is better than a brand which is manufactured locally and is made from the best raw materials available on the global platform? We’re talking about our new Knockout series from the house of Absolute Nutrition, which has a legacy of 9 years as the premium Indian-made health supplement brand. Taking inspiration from the largest land animal on earth, Team Knockout brings you ‘Elephant’ Mass Gainer with Creatine Monohydrate, HMB, and 25 Vitamins and Minerals, 60G Complex Carbs & 20G Protein per serving, helps to gain weight and build muscles.  ‘Alpha Amylase’ to improvise the metabolism and enhance your overall digestion process to ensure healthy gains. ‘Elephant’ Mass Gainer is one of the bestselling products in the sports nutrition industry and is followed by the likes of Anuj Kumar Taliyan and Nehal Chudasama. On an ending note, just beware of the fake products that are doing the rounds as you will find a number of products in relatively less prices, just remember that you are going to put that in your body and the reason you needed a mass gainer was to make yourself better, not the other way around.

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