The Good Cheat Meal

The Good Cheat Meal

When it comes to getting fit, maintaining a proper diet is one of the most difficult tasks. It is nearly impossible to resist the alluring food and keep a macro/micronutrient-rich diet all year-round. That’s why bodybuilders and gym goers have figured out a way to fulfil their desire and stay motivated towards their goal. This brilliant opportunity is known as cheat meal.

What is a cheat meal?
One has to give up so much in order to achieve a ripped or muscular body, especially in terms of eating choices. One must fully cut off any junk food or sugar-filled foods. This is where cheat meals come to the rescue.

A cheat meal refers to a meal in which all the dietary regimen restrictions are off the table and one can eat without taking macro and micronutrients into account. However, keep in mind that you control your portion size in order to not lose your fitness progress.


Schedule your cheats
Rather than just giving in to the urge to eat your favorite dish whenever you’re tempted. One should take control of their urges and make a calculated schedule for your cheat meals in your weekly nutritious diet regimen.


What’s the best cheat plan?
According to an article published by, the best strategy for cheating is once a week. That prevents weight gain and has even been shown to be beneficial for your metabolism. Studies even claim that having cheat meals once a week helps you maintain a healthy diet and prevents feelings of deprivation.


Are cheat meals necessary?
Regardless of our fitness goals and diet - calorie deficits, low carb content, and dietary restrictions come at a cost that is a slower metabolism rate, which leads to a loss of muscle mass. The idea of a cheat meal is to boost your metabolism, lower stress, and help you retain muscle mass.

Discipline is the main component in having a strict diet, but everyone has a weak moment where they give in to the urge. This is why cheat meals are important. Eating heartily once in a while when trying to restrict calorie intake helps people stay motivated on their path.


Get back into the game. 
Once your cheat meal is done, it’s time to get back to hustling for your dream physique. If a cheat meal is going to turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet, then it’s recommended to avoid it. Don’t give in to the temptations every chance you get. Lastly, remember to work out more to burn those extra calories and stick to your goal of getting your dream physique.