Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powder

Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powder

Many of you might have witnessed people who hit the gym sipping up drinks and then working out to the best of their ability. Well, most of the times, these drinks can be pre workout drinks which give you the energy that you need before the workout. However, apart from pre workout drinks, one of the most important substances that any body building enthusiast consumes is protein. Though, not everyone consume protein in different forms and today we will discussing about the most processed form of protein i.e. ‘the powder form’.

Let us understand bit by bit that what is protein? How do we produce it? And why protein powder is the first choice for many fitness enthusiasts and body builders.

Understanding the Basics

In simple words, protein is one of the most important macronutrient that helps you in creating those big and bulky muscles. Commonly found in animals, protein is also known to be present in other sources such as cow milk and nuts.

Let us discuss more about what exactly macronutrients intend to provide. There are mainly three macronutrients i.e. protein, facts and carbs which provide calories and energy to the human body.

Everybody needs protein for survival, however, if chemically speaking; protein is mainly composed of amino acids which are organic compounds. They are the pillars on which protein sustains itself and transforms mass into muscle.

What exactly is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is the processed form of protein that is derived from plants, eggs and milk (casein or whey).

Both Casein and whey are two types of protein’s found in cow’s milk while both can be considered to be high quality protein’s, Casein actually makes up 80% of the protein and the rest 20% is formed by Whey. Both of these contain vital amino acids which is a must need for the body as your body does not form these.

Protein Powder

Everything You Need to Know About Whey

Whey protein is processed in three forms which are called Isolate, Hydrosylate and Concentrate. The main difference between these three different types of whey is the composition of fat and carbohydrates. While hydrolysate and isolate go through an intense process to attain a higher level of protein along with more fat and carbohydrates, Concentrate has slightly less protein but more fat and carbs. Particularly, Whey has a much higher quantity of Leucine which is one of the most essential BCAA’s for faster growth of your muscles and recovery. Hence, consuming whey right after a workout can help in speeding up muscle synthesis and can also help prevent muscle breakdown. 

Buy Genuine, Be Absolute

The above mentioned things are very important to look out for when searching for the best protein powder. Being said that, You just need to find out the perfect brand which you can rely on and you are all good to go. What is better than a brand which is manufactured locally and is made from the best raw materials available on the global platform? We’re talking about our new Knockout series from the house of Absolute Nutrition, which has a legacy of 9 years as the premium Indian-made health supplement brand.

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