Breaking The Myth: The Side Effects of Creatine

Breaking The Myth: The Side Effects of Creatine

“What if I take creatine and lose my hair?”, “What if I lose all my muscles if I stop taking creatine?”, “What if the creatine retains excessive water in my body?” –  Are you also worried about these? Let’s break these myths that have been roaming around due to a lack of information in society.

Let’s first understand what creatine is and what it does.

Creatine is one of the most analyzed Bodybuilding Supplement. Creatine is a substance that occurs naturally in our body. Seafood and red meat also comprise it. It has been determined via significant research that creatine is a safe and effective supplement for increasing muscle mass and strength. Similar to protein drinks, taking a creatine supplement won't yield effects straight away. 

Debunking the Myths

Ceatine leads to damage in Kidneys
You shouldn't be concerned about using creatine unless you already have a medical ailment because it won't harm your kidneys or liver.

Creatine supplements have been determined to have no negative effects on the kidneys' ability to filter blood, according to numerous studies. No research has so far discovered any appreciable alteration in renal, hepatic, cardiac, or muscular function as a result of creatine supplementation.


Creatine is a hair loss trigger
Studies have indicated, that creatine monohydrate raises your body's levels of Dihydrotestosterone, an androgen produced in your hair follicles. This androgen may prevent nutrients from reaching the hair follicle. But the reality remains that there is a large hereditary component to hair loss, i.e., You might inherit your father's receding hairline regardless if you take creatine or not.


Creatine makes people retain water more than usual
This only happens when loading is done at higher doses using creatine of lower grade, water retention results frequently. Cheaply made creatine has too much salt, which can make you retain water.


Creatine leads to dehydration and cramps
It is a myth that taking extra creatine in a hot, humid surroundings can make you cramp or dehydrate. The truth is that taking creatine supplements leads to an increase in total body water retention and aids the athlete in keeping their level of hydration stable. Creatine supplements have been shown in numerous tests to improve performance in hot, humid conditions while having no impact on muscular cramps.

You will lose the muscle you gained if you stop using Creatine
After stopping creatine, it's likely that your muscle size will reduce. However, you may maintain your strength and dry muscle mass as long as you keep up with the other components of your regimen, such as sufficient diet and resistance training.

 Genuine, Go Absolute
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