Indian Sports Nutrition over International?

Indian Sports Nutrition over International?

In recent years, India's sports nutrition market has experienced tremendous growth. Various studies predict that the sports nutrition market in India will expand at a CAGR of 8–9% between 2022 and 2028. International brands have a major share in the market and this is because many individuals still have the opinion that "If it's expensive, it must be good" or "If it's international, it must be good." Let's correct this notion among the general public.


Why International Brands?
Why do people choose international brands? Well, the answer is that international brands give them a sense of security and trust. International brands have been in the market for a long time now and people tend to go for higher prices even if they give the same results as their Indian competitors. This is because of the mentality among Indian audiences that the higher the price, the better the product. But this needs to be changed.


Reality Check
On the one hand, there are some good brands that give you genuine products. In the Indian market, there are still some con artists who attach misleading labels to goods that have FDA approval while stuffing the box with wheat and grains. People lose trust as a result of this. The fact that Indian brands are compatible with their foreign counterparts should not be altered by this, though. While some brands offer real products to the public, other brands taint this claim. Most reliable brands have a history and have been around for a while.


Aatmanirbhar Bharat
The product specifications that you look for in foreign brands are available locally, maybe even better, and mostly cheaper. Indian sports nutrition has been booming, but not because it has suddenly been able to compete with its foreign counterparts. The best brands have been there for a while, but they weren't as well-known as international names.

Indian brands are more visible now because online culture is rising, so consumers can find, try out, and review Indian brands for themselves and let the internet community know how great they are. 


Global Competency
Referring to the long-established brands on the market. How do they manage to win the trust of their rivals abroad? This is because of the impeccable quality at affordable pricing. One of these brands is Absolute Nutrition.  

For the past ten years, Absolute Nutrition has been one of the top brands in India. Absolute Nutrition is loved and trusted by over 4 million customers and has been given the tag of ‘India ka Imported Brand’ because of the quality of its products which are competitive with global brands. Absolute Nutrition manufactures sports supplements in India in their own "State of the art" fully automated plant using internationally sourced raw materials.


Knockout every workout
Knockout series from the house of Absolute Nutrition popularly known as ‘India ka Imported Brand’ has been backed by the legacy of 10 years. This new series is launched for the audience looking for the best sports supplement brands at affordable prices. Knockout is offering impeccable quality, globally sourced raw materials, and huge discounts.  

It is not only trusted by the public but also by world champions like Mr. World ‘Anuj Kumar Taliyan’ and Ms. Universe ‘Nehal Chudasama’ as their nutrition partner.