4 Best Exercises for Triceps

4 Best Exercises for Triceps

Working on triceps is not only important for bigger arms, but  triceps are also a huge supporter to other muscle building exercises such as pushups, chest presses, etc. So, let's check out the best exercises to help you grow your triceps. 

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Triceps Pushdowns
Triceps pushdown is one of the best exercises for your triceps as the lateral, medial and long head of your triceps operate all together every time you extend your arm downwards. There are 2 types of tricep pushdowns- Rope Pushdowns and Bar pushdowns, which are both done on cable machines. 

As the name suggests, Rope pushdowns are done with a rope extension and Bar pushdowns with a bar extension on the cable. Both are effective exercises for your triceps, but usually rope extensions are considered better by many because it leads to about 74% activation of tricep muscles whereas bar leads to about 67%. 

Triceps Extensions
Triceps extensions are a great way to strengthen and tone your tricep muscles. You can consider doing the triceps extensions on the cable machine rather than dumbbells. This could help you work on your core along your tricep muscle. In conclusion, triceps extension could be a good part of your training regime.

Triceps Kickbacks
Triceps kickback is one of the best tricep muscle activation exercises. As you have to bend over and push the weight against the gravity which makes it more effective. The key is to make your shoulder mobile and stabilize your upper arm. You may try focusing on form more than the weight for best results.

Skull Crushers
Skull crushers have a low muscle activation percentage but are really intense on your tricep muscles. Low muscle activation doesn’t mean it is a bad exercise, it just means you should work them along with top exercises in a training program. Plus this exercise is really challenging and intense on your tricep muscle. So, adding this to your regimen could be helpful.

Knockout Every Workout
As for the 4 best exercises mentioned above, you may start your tricep workout with doing a few sets of diamond pushups and ending it with tricep dips. This is just a recommendation, to help your triceps warm up with the pushups and wear them out by dips for draining your muscles out completely.

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